Flexible & Modular Design

Xtreme Power’s fully-integrated systems consist of safe and efficient batteries combined with a high performance Power Conditioning System (PCS) and a configurable control platform, known as the Xtreme Active Control Technology™ (XACT™). Each component is designed to optimize performance and value to meet each customer’s specific needs.

Xtreme Power’s innovative, proprietary modular architecture maximizes system flexibility and safety while minimizing costs. A single battery pack, or DC Block, of energy storage installed in an outdoor rated enclosure easily connects to additional DC Blocks allowing for incremental storage expansion. Our ability to pair different battery chemistries with a variety of PCS to power ratings to add or decrease power and duration ensures each system is designed to best suit its application.

This highly efficient design simplifies and reduces the cost of system transportation, installation, redeployment and maintenance. Because each DC Block is self-contained, any potential hazards are confined with minimal system impact. This modular architecture is the driving force behind Xtreme Power’s expanding product line, efficiently integrating systems optimized for each customer’s applications.

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