In addition to basic scheduled system maintenance, Xtreme Power offers dynamic services, including:

  • 24x7 remote monitoring
  • Software upgrades
  • Ongoing XACT™ software tailoring to the customer’s specific application
  • Routine reporting of performance data & diagnostics
  • Remote troubleshooting and unlimited phone support to help ensure the products in the field are working exactly as specified by the customer

Software Support, Upgrades, & Customization

The XACT™ system is designed to meet customer performance requirements and maximize the value of customer projects, while safeguarding the long life of the system. Software packages include enhanced upgrades, 24x7 tech support, operating system upgrades, customized applications, and automatic synchronization with third party SCADA.

Remote Monitoring, Diagnostics, & Support

Experienced control system engineers monitor all installations in the field around the clock to ensure every system is operating and performing as designed, investigate any operational aberrations, and perform remote troubleshooting. Xtreme Power provides customers with the ability to remotely monitor their own installations in real-time through a secure VPN connection. Real-time remote interface can be viewed on any VPN enabled mobile device. In addition, Xtreme Power will provide routine performance compliance reports and remotely update algorithms and settings to optimize response to meet changing market and grid conditions as needed.

These services minimize downtime through intelligently scheduled maintenance, optimizing system performance through software revisions, and by actively ensuring the system is meeting all performance requirements.