Xtreme Power tests its systems under strenuous conditions while measuring performance metrics to ensure that systems will meet and exceed the highest standards. Xtreme Power’s testing process, overseen at our headquarters in Kyle, Texas, is unrivaled in the industry.

Xtreme Power’s Engineering Facility houses a 12 MVA Test Bay fully equipped for Factory Acceptance Tests that can be expanded to 20 MVA. Xtreme Power’s Test Bay can perform full four-quadrant PQ operations for verification of control modes, such as Ramp Control, Frequency Regulation, Voltage Regulation, Power Leveling and many others.

Adjacent to the Test Bay is Xtreme Power’s System Research and Development Facility, capable of testing 12 fully independent channels with wind, solar, and frequency regulation profiles to determine how different battery technologies will perform when paired with various PCS sizes and suppliers. Internal modeling evaluates battery capacity characterization, voltammetry, and lifecycle of the battery pack under each application — all while being tested within the environmental chamber to regulate conditions of the batteries.

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