Lower Diesel Fuel Consumption

Isolated and island grids, more so than mainland grids, rely on a dynamic generation mix to provide the reliability, power quality, and security grids require. Dependability is critical but can be extremely costly if power grids are relying on diesel-fueled generators to provide spinning reserves or grid balancing services. In addition, microgrids often look to renewable generation resources to lower their cost of energy, but the natural intermittency of these resources limits the amount of their energy a microgrid can accept without sacrificing stability.

Xtreme Power’s BOOST Series are reliable, cost-efficient energy storage systems that when paired with a diesel-fueled generator create a single asset with capabilities unprecedented on the power grid. By taking over the task of providing spinning reserves and other grid services, the BOOST Series allows generators to work within their most efficient operational zone, drastically cutting fuel costs. The BOOST Series also optimizes clean energy delivery by improving power quality and reducing the inherent intermittency of these renewable energy resources.

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