Improve Distribution Reliability

Today’s power distribution infrastructure has not kept pace with the innovations in electrical generation and the growth and volatility in energy demand. Along with increased demand, the infrastructure is further taxed by the proliferation of distributed generation such as solar PV for which older existing distribution equipment was not built to handle. These issues require a local solution as power imported from the transmission grid cannot solve distribution level shortcomings such as voltage instability or line overloading, and new generators cannot be sited in urban areas where they’re needed most.

Xtreme Power’s PEAK Series energy storage systems offer a flexible and reliable solution to meet these challenges and more. The PEAK Series provides highly accurate voltage regulation capabilities to improve grid stability and delivers peak power in response to high local demand — reducing power distribution congestion and deferring the need for infrastructure upgrades. With no emissions and a small footprint, the PEAK Series is easily sited locally with minimal permitting required and can be installed into a network of energy systems around a control area to deliver system wide peak power as needed.

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