Relieve Transmission Congestion

As growing urban areas demand more electricity and aging generators are retired due to environmental or economic reasons, transmission congestion is a growing problem. This congestion limits the supply of energy that can be delivered to pockets of high demand and forces Grid Operators to pay high wholesale energy prices. Relieving this congestion requires capital intensive transmission and distribution infrastructure upgrades that involve a complex and onerous project planning process requiring extensive permits, strict siting limitations and prolonged lead times. Adding to these difficulties, T&D; upgrades are often oversized to cover uncertainty of future demand which is an inefficient and costly way to add capacity.

Xtreme Power’s PEAK Series energy storage systems offer a reliable and economic solution to decrease transmission congestion by efficiently increasing the load carrying capacity of current T&D; infrastructure and providing energy locally when delivery is constrained. The PEAK Series flexible, modular designs provide incremental capacity to defer oversized T&D; upgrade investments while simplifying project logistics with easy permitting, minimal siting restrictions, and shorter project lead times.

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