RPM™ Series

Xtreme Power’s Regulation Power Management™ (RPM™) Series is an energy storage system designed specifically for Power Generators to provide fast-acting, accurate power to balance natural deviations in grid frequency.

The RPM Series combines the real time controls of Xtreme Active Control Technology™ (XACT™) and high performance Power Conditioning Systems (PCS) with safe, high power batteries from leading manufacturers to quickly and accurately respond to grid disturbances — up to 50 times faster than conventional generation resources.

RPM Series Applications

  • Frequency Regulation
  • Frequency Response
  • Voltage Support

The RPM is a fully automated grid scale system with 15 minutes of energy available in increments as low as 100 kW and as high as 4.5 MW. With low operating costs and industry leading battery cycle life, these highly reliable power systems can provide an invaluable return on investment when used in the new fast acting frequency regulation markets.

As energy markets implement FERC-mandated pay-for-performance mechanisms aligning compensation with actual grid level benefits, the need for speed and precision is clear. Contact Xtreme Power today to find out how the proven performance of the RPM Series can help you capitalize on the frequency regulation market while providing the dependable service you require.