E-commerce shipping software options

//E-commerce shipping software options

E-commerce shipping software options

There are thousands of e-commerce shipping solutions out there, and if you are not careful, you might easily pick a wrong one. So, when shopping for one, consider simple things like the user interface, support and pricing. Here is a simple list of some of the most popular options available in the market today.


ShipStation is popular web-based shipping software that efficiently manages to process, fulfilling and shipping of orders. It has been designed to integrate more than 150 marketplaces, carriers, shopping carts as well as TradeGecko. ShipStation monthly prices start from $9 and go up to $159.

The cheapest option integrates a maximum of 50 shipments while the most expensive one normally integrates unlimited shipment and at the same time offers a platform of up to 10 users. Some of the main advantages of ShipStation include ease to set up and use, reliable support service, available remote label printing option and availability of multiple shipping providers in one location.



StarShipIT is purely cloud-based shipping software that handles deliveries for both online and offline orders. Although it is cloud-based, the software is headquartered in New Zealand and Australia and has been custom made to service these markets. Prices range from $40 to $160 a month with the lowest offer providing up to 250 shipments and unlimited carriers and the highest one offering shipments of up to 20,000.

The software also offers custom packages of above and beyond 20,000 shipments. The main advantage of this specific software is; availability of a user-friendly interface which is flexible, availability of different services to choose from and its ability to integrate with TradeGecko.


Shippit manages deliveries for hundreds of retailers across Australia, handle order fulfilment, tracks and notify all parties involved in the trade and offers details reports of different shipping process it undertook. The monthly pricing for this software starts at $19 and goes up to $149. The cheapest option handles typically between 1 to 20 orders while the most expensive one handles between 1 to 500 requests.

Apart from having a great support team in place which offers help 24/7, the software has other advantages which include; availability of extensive carrier support, ability to support both wholesale

and e-commerce business, ability to support partial shipment documents and its ability to support pre-negotiated courier rates and direct merchant accounts. The software also can easily integrate with TradeGecko.

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